There are plenty of ways to figure out which team is most likely going to win the Super Bowl.  Me?  I put my faith in animals.  Here are the most reliable:

  • Eli the ape (Who hasn't been wrong since 2006) has chosen the Seahawks to win.
  • Hugh and Buffet, manatees, were split on their decision. Hugh picked the Seahawks, while Buffet sided with the Broncos.
  • The puppies on Animal Planet's Puppy Cam have chosen the Broncos.
  • Tyke the raccoon in Scottsbluff, Nebraska has chosen the Broncos.
  • Ozzy, a grizzly bear in Montana, has chosen the Broncos.
  • Teddy Bear the porcupine, who correctly predicted the last 2 Super Bowls, has chosen the Seahawks.
  • Murphy and Diablo, both Komodo dragons, have predicted a Broncos victory.
  • Pancakes, a pot-bellied pig at the Fort Worth Zoo, likes the Seahawks.
  • Princess the camel, who accurately predicted 6 of the last 7 championships... died January 14th, before she could make a prediction.