Magic Dick (Richard Salwitz) is 70 years old today.  I heard someone once say that he was the greatest white musician to play blues harmonica.  I've seen him play many times, and I just wanna ask the experts "Who Was Better?"   I've seen some that I would say were real good, but I personally have never seen anyone who I think has him beat.  The guy was flat-out amazing!  (Whammer Jammer alone from J.Geils "Live" proves that).

I've seen some names come up as the "best of all time" like Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Sugar Blue ... the first two died in the 60's so the only one I ever saw of that group was Sugar Blue and he was great, but in my opinion - not better.  There are no doubt some more names and more personal favorites of yours that I'd love to hear about.  Meanwhile, Happy Birthday Richard... and I salute all you Harmonica fans today.