The 3rd Friday of the month is when Daisy Dooks does their amateur night contest.  Yours truly gets the job of host/MC. This is a bitter-sweet scenario.

On one hand, I get to go to a place with gorgeous girls walking around in less than skivvies.  I get to have a couple drinks with the managers & bouncers and see the behind the scenes type stuff (not quite as glamorous as one might think) and talk smack on a microphone all night.

Pretty perfect night, if you ask me!

As long as I can put up with the fact that every single person in the building wants me to shut the hell up and get off the stage so a new naked girl can start her rotation (sometimes literally).  Put that aside, and it's a pretty good night!

They're giving away $1000 tonight....and we need judges.  Pack your coolers & I'll see you at Daisy Dooks tonight!