Saturday night I had the pleasure of seeing The Who in Detroit.  It was the first re-scheduled show they did after Roger Daltrey's meningitis last fall forced the band to cancel several dates on their tour.  I was not expecting this show to be one of their best, given the age factor and given Roger's potentially compromised stamina.  Let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Roger Daltrey clearly gave it everything he had!  His voice was a little weak, but he belted out every note that his throat could muster ... and pretty well nailed the 2 major "screams" that every Who fan anticipates at every show!  He was a soldier!  Pete Townshend was amazing.  He's 70-years-old but he looked and played like he was 40!  The windmill was in full-force and connected every time, he was witty and entertaining, and he played brilliantly.  So this was a Who concert that exceeded my expectations, brought me to my feet all night, and I am so glad I went !!  If you have the opportunity to still see them on this tour, seize it!  There may not be any more full productions from them in the future.

Ian Gavan, Getty Images