As the line grew to be around the block at a Brooklyn brewery in advance of a special edition brew release, one man wasn't on board with the hipsters waiting.

Those in line were just waiting, when a presumably drunk man from the Airbnb across the street came down and started making fun of them for waiting in line. Some insults flew, and he went back inside.

When he returned for round two of the word war, he had the hops hipster's one weakness: White Claw.

He told the crowd they were idiots for waiting in line. One man shot back and asked "Is this the only Airbnb you could afford?" Which prompted the White Claw to be thrown at the people waiting in line, nearly hitting a woman. The woman wasn't happy, and yelled at him, "Why are you throwing beers at girls? That's not cool!"

To which he replied, "Ok, well how about I put a Glock in your mouth instead," and re-entered the rental apartment, only to return with a gun in hand. He claimed it was a Glock 19.

After the hipsters de-escalated the situation, the went back into his weekend getaway. Eight squad cars responded to the call about him, and promptly arrested him.

Craft Beer-1, White Claw-0.

Read more at New York Post

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