The tradition of bad contestants on Wheel of Fortune is a proud and hilarious one that shows no signs of coming to an end.

Everyone who's made the list may have to be bumped down one spot, though, after this guy's boneheaded entry.

Seriously, that's terrible. No, that's not just terrible. It's TERRIBLE.

Who would guess a "g?" Does he think there's a word called "siged?" Or did he simply freeze up under the glare of national TV lights?

Maybe he should've brushed up on how to properly solve puzzles with somebody who has real skill in that area.

Let's hope this guy didn't tell a soul he was going to be on the show because this is not the kind of performance you want anyone you know to see. Heck, you don't want people you don't know to see this. He was probably rooting for a power outage, or, what he may call a "fower outage."

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