We are exactly one year today, into the plagiarism lawsuit of Led Zeppelin by the estate of Randy California over the "writing credit" for Stairway To Heaven".  And the only thing that has happened so far, is a U.S. District Judge dismissed the band's motion regarding jurisdiction for the State of Pennsylvania.  The suit was filed there, but the band members don't live or own property in PA, nor do they have any ties there.  So they challenged the whole lawsuit...and lost.  The Judge said "let it proceed" so Led Zeppelin loses round one.   And that's all we have after one full year.

At this rate, how long do you think it will be before it's settled?  George Harrison's case took 10 years before everything was finally settled.  But this is Stairway !!  Just for fun, I'll set the "Over/Under" at 2027.  What do

Look how much fun this dude is having playing with sticks, recently added to the Toy Hall of Fame.

you think ?