Relationship expert and psychologist Marianne Vicelich wrote a new book called, "Love Spells." In it she takes a look at those weird sex dreams that we all have and what they mean.


Here are five sex dreams and what they supposedly mean:

  1. Getting it on with an ex. It could either mean you have unresolved issues with them or you miss the level of intimacy you had.
  2. Getting it on with a celebrity. It could be a sign you're not satisfied with the person you're with. But odds are it's just your subconscious living out a fantasy, so you probably don't have to worry about it.
  3. Getting it on with a stranger. It might be a sign you're not satisfied with your sex life. The "stranger" might just represent a change or opportunity in your life that's stressing you out.
  4. Dreaming of your partner cheating. It could mean you're nervous they're cheating in real life or you just feel like they're not giving you enough attention.
  5. Getting it on with your boss. Unless they're drop-dead sexy, it probably just means you want more power and control in your life. The reason it's them in the dream is they have those qualities.

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