What will your first bite be when you sit down for Thanksgiving? You've probably never thought about it before, but now it'll be stuck in your head.


According to a new survey, most people go after the stuffing first. Really, it wasn't even close. Here are the top seven answers:

  1. The stuffing or dressing, 47%. It got more than twice as many votes as the next thing on the list.
  2. Mashed potatoes, 17%.
  3. Turkey, 15%. So only about one in six people try the turkey first.
  4. Sweet potatoes or candied yams, 5%.
  5. Green beans or green bean casserole, 4%.
  6. A dinner roll, 2%.
  7. Pumpkin pie. A bold 1% of us will start with dessert apparently.

About 7% of people said none of the above. So the first thing they'll try wasn't on the list.

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