Have you bought your dad a gift for Father's Day this Sunday? No? Now who's being emotionally unavailable?


A new survey asked more than 1,000 dads what gifts they want for Father's Day and what they don't want.

    The top things they want are:

  1. A trip
  2. Tickets to a sporting event
  3. Power tools
  4. An iPad
  5. A watch
  6. Beer
  7. Barbecue gear.
    The top things they really don't want are:

  1. A gym membership
  2. Underwear
  3. Socks
  4. Ties

They really are not kidding about the whole "I don't want a gym membership" thing. 92% of dads say that would be a terrible gift, which makes it three times worse than the runner up, underwear and socks.

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