Americans just can't stop getting stuff stuck in nature's suitcase, the one place where nothing should ever get stuck.

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A statistician looked at data on people going to the ER from 2009 to 2014, and found some fascinating numbers on what we're doing to our rectums. There were 17,968 ER visits because of something getting lodged in a person's rectum over the six years. That's right around 3,000 visits a year.

Three-quarters of the patients were men and only 41% of the items that got stuck were sex toys. Of the 59% of things that weren't sex toys, it's hard to find any pattern. There were more than 90 random things that came up a few times.

Some of the most ridiculous things include a chess piece, a garden hose, a door handle, a toilet brush, Lego pieces, a baby bottle, a curling iron, and a corkscrew.

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