There's a couple in Miami who might love cats a little too much. It's been a problem since they moved into their apartment three years ago, because the guy across the hall is not a cat person.

Their neighbor is 70-year-old Jose Estrada. He's been feuding with them since they moved in, because they won't stop feeding stray cats outside the building. Jose is not a fan of feral cats running around all over the place. Go figure.

It finally boiled over last Thursday morning when he told them one more time to stop doing it, then pulled a gun, and tried to shoot them. They were yelling at each other from across the hall when he stuck his arm through his gated door and fired four shots into their living room.

Dade County Sheriff's Office

One of the bullets went through a window and hit a house next door, luckily none of the shots hit anyone. Jose is facing charges for attempted murder.

The landlord says he's kicking all of them out of the building, because the couple was partially responsible for what happened too.

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