Here's the deal we talked about yesterday morning.  If you remember one thing: buy airline tickets EXACTLY 54 days before your departure date.  A website called monitored prices for FOUR MILLION flights last year, and found the absolute best time to buy a plane ticket is . . . exactly 54 DAYS before your trip.

Any earlier or later than that and you're looking at a higher price . . . although they say it's generally better to buy earlier rather than later. That 54-day mark is for domestic U.S. flights.  If you're going to Mexico, book 89 days in advance . . . 101 days in advance for the Caribbean . . . 129 days in advance for Asia . . . and 151 days in advance for Europe.

A bunch of factors might affect the magic 54-day number (like destination, airport size and time of year).  The most notable is for travel on Christmas and Thanksgiving.   You're best bet in both of those cases is to buy your airline tickets right on June 4th.

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