Eligio Ramos, a 91-year-old WWII veteran, lost his wallet when his battalion took shelter in an Austrian farmhouse back in 1945. And he never expected to see it again.

But a letter that arrived in the mail on June 18th suddenly made it significant.

Sylvia Gonzalez, Eligio's daughter said, "To my surprise, when I was reading it and my dad was having breakfast. I go look dad, they found a wallet and it's for you, and they're looking for you."

The letter came from Doctor Josef Ruckhofer, whose late grandfather owned the farmhouse in Salzburg where the soldiers stayed. He found the wallet while removing some old wooden planks and then searched online for Ramos based on his old army ID card.

Dr. Josef Ruckhofer explained, "I was looking for the whole U.S., and I found one with the birth year there in California and I thought the name was right and the birth year is right so if he's still alive, I will try my luck and send him a letter."