70-year-old Phillip Brooks went to a Waffle House for breakfast earlier this month in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Right after he walked in, a guy tried to rob the place with an AK-47.

But Phillip is an Army veteran who did two tours in Vietnam. So he's seen a lot of AK-47's and he could tell this one was fake. He noticed that it didn't have a trigger, and a few parts that should have been metal were actually made of wood. Meanwhile, everyone else thought it was real, and one woman ran into the bathroom to call 911.

Phillip just called the guy out for using a fake gun, and told the cashier not to give him any money. Then he hit him in the nose with his cane, and used it to try to knock the fake gun away. Apparently the other customers realized it was a fake gun at that point, because they jumped in to help, and chased the guy out.

As of last night, police were still looking for the robber. Phillip ended up with a small bruise on his hand, but that's it.

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