51-year-old mailman George Clifford was driving in his mail truck near Pittsford, Vermont earlier this month. When he found a 72-year-old guy lying on the side of the road with no pulse. He called 911 and they helped him do CPR.

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George says he used to scuba dive a lot, and taught some water rescue courses at one point. He never actually had to do CPR on anyone, so he was pretty nervous. After some chest compressions, the guy took one huge gasp of air and started breathing again. George ended up saving his life.

Paramedics rushed the man to a hospital, doctors say he should make a full recovery. To top things off, George kept delivering the mail and actually finished his route. It took a little longer than usual, because all he could think about was whether the guy was okay.

Then the guy's son got in touch with him three days later to let him know he was okay.

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