Todd May was on a hike near his home in Ogden, Utah a few years ago when he felt himself being drawn toward something. That something was a 75-pound object that May claims is the fossilized head of a Bigfoot.

Todd May

Since 2013, May has shown the "skull" to hundreds of people and it seems like they all share the same opinion. It's a rock.

Jesse Carlucci of Kimball School of Geoscience says, "Often, the natural fractures or joints in the rock are sites of increased weathering (chemical breakdown of the rock, as they interact with rainwater), where you have these types of depressions form. It's not Bigfoot!"

May isn't having any of that negativity, "There's haters out there, other Bigfoot enthusiasts that don't like that I found something first. But that professor just saw the picture that was in the paper, he never saw it in person. When you actually see it, you can't help but see that it's a face."

"I don't know where I'm going next, but people need to see this and know Big Foots are real and they out there," May said.

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