Yesterday was the birthday of a great lead singer of a great Classic Rock band, but who did one of the dumbest things I ever saw "live" ... Steve Walsh of Kansas was born in 1951 in Missouri, and I'd say he was pretty much everything you wanted in a lead singer.  He was handsome, tanned, buff, and athletic .. some of his kicks and jumps and stage antics were amazing!  He was a very good front man.  But twice I saw him do this and I hated it ... in the middle of the show, after 2 or 3 rockin' songs with amazing acrobatics and powerful spot-on vocals... he disappeared off-stage, stripped down to a pair of shorts or underwear, put on a loose-fitting white bathrobe, and returned to the stage to sing a he just finished a great bedroom performance or something.   Really...?  Did he not know there were thousands of fist-pumping male rockers in the audience that would see that and think..."What The F---??"  I went to another show and it happened again, so I was done.  For me, he went from rock "Star" to rock "Sap"  in a matter of weeks, and I never really enjoyed Kansas again.  Too harsh...?  If you think so...well, sorry... but hey, Kansas fans today I still salute you!