If this happens a few more times, Spirit Airlines will probably start tacking on a special brawling fee. Airlines already charge for everything else.

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Two women were in the middle of a Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to L.A. earlier this week, when they started playing music out loud over some sort of speaker they had with them. A bunch of reports say it was a "boom box," but I'm assuming it was a little travel thing. If they carried on an actual boom box as their personal item, bravo.

Anyway, both of them had been drinking, and several passengers asked them to turn off the music. But they just asked what they were gonna do about it, held the speaker up in the air so it was louder and it started a huge brawl.

They got into it with three other female passengers. The plane still ended up landing in L.A. and they were all escorted off. The FBI ruled it a, "mutual combat situation." As of right now, no one's facing charges.

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