American inmates need to take a page from the drug lords in Mexico. Those guys know how to escape, man. Because this is just sad.

(Photo by Aaron Lambert-Pool/Getty Images)

There are two criminal masterminds in jail in Louisville, Kentucky. Matthew Johnson is 29, and Christopher Cornelius is 37. They're both doing time on drug charges. But on Monday night, they hatched a daring plan to break out.

First, they somehow made it to the roof of the minimum security prison where they're locked up. Which is actually kind of impressive. Then they tried to climb down four stories, using the old 'rope-made-out-of-bed-sheets' routine. Come on. That's a classic, but has it ever worked outside of a movie?

Matthew actually made it a couple floors down before one of the knots tying the bed sheets together came LOOSE. Then he fell 20 feet, and hurt his ankle and his back. But he was alive, so he took off. Christopher punked out at that point, and they busted him on the roof. Unfortunately for Matthew, a worker had seen him climbing down and called the cops.

And he didn't get too far anyway, because of his injuries. A cop found him hiding in a car the next morning, took him in, and now he's in the hospital. All because he didn't pay attention at camp, and sucks at tying knots.