Maybe this is just a Christmas tradition now. At least one popular toy has to start spontaneously combusting every year.

Toys "R" Us

A couple in Bellingham, Washington bought a Power Wheels dump truck at Toys "R" Us last Friday, and were planning to give it to their grandson. While they were heading home, it caught fire in the back of their truck, and they had to pull over to put it out.

It's still not clear what happened, but we're guessing the battery was defective. That's what happened with those "hoverboard" scooters last year and the Galaxy Note 7.

They immediately turned around and went back to Toys "R" Us to return the thing. But before they could even get there, it caught fire again and they couldn't put it out.

Harden Family

By the time firefighters got there, the flames were about 10 feet high. Obviously the store refunded their money, but it's not clear who's paying for the damage to their burned-out truck.

A rep for Toys "R" Us says they think it was just an isolated incident. But they've stopped selling that specific Power Wheels until they figure out what happened.

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