Greetings All:

If you were listening to today's show, you may have felt a bit of deja vu.  The reason being that last week's show was run again today.  There also was about 10 minutes of dead air time.  This was a technical glitch and I suspect beyond anyone's control.

As our show comes on at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings, we do pre-record it.  Sometimes, issues arise.  As the show's host, I do apologize for these issues.  We endeavor to bring you a strong show that reflects our mission statement.  We exist to support and celebrate our Veterans, military, families and caregivers.  We do this by bringing honest, relevant and when possible, entertaining content.  We are grateful for the support we have from our listeners and look forward to bringing you more "QC Veterans' Roll Call."  Thanks for your continued support and please do accept my apology for this unintended glitch.

Best regards,

Jeno Berta

Host, QC Veterans' Roll Call radio show.