I noticed a few bees hovering around a cabinet in my backyard earlier this Spring.  No biggie, I say to myself.  I'm a "live and let live" kinda guy, so if some bees want to make their home at my place I'm cool with that.  Fast forward to August.  I can't go outside because there are so many freaking bees buzzing around.

Still, I don't want to kill them, so I call my business associate Harry, from Harry Bee's Honey, to come get them and find them a new home.  I learned a lot about beekeeping yesterday, watching Harry extract the hive from my property.  The first thing:  I do not want to be a beekeeper.

To watch a professional meander around in the most protected environment in the insect kingdom is fascinating.

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We got this email from Listener Janet:

My husband discovered a Baldfaced Hornets’s nest in the tree above our driveway. We also decided to “let it bee”. I have been fascinated by the continued construction of this thing and have been taking pictures.
Here is a picture of day we discovered it and 24 hours later.
On day 3, there was a lot of rain and wind. Since it is basically paper mache, it suffered much damage.
The second picture is day 4 (after the storm) and day 8.