Nostalgia strikes again.

Dateline: Peoria, May1990-- Young Morning DJ's Dwyer and Michaels of WWCT's Rock and Roll Morning Show enlist the help of Afternoon Drive time host Jamie Markley to re-create the popular parody song/artist Ozzy Fudd the Wabbit Slayer/Kill The Wabbit!

The scene was a crowded happy hour festival at Peoria's Fulton Plaza, the unsuspecting public shocked by what they were about to see, and saddened by the state of morning radio in their beloved town.  On Guitar, Markley, slightly more experienced than Dwyer on Bass, with the shrieking vocal of Elmer Fudd flawlessly sung by Michaels, complete with Charleton Heston's NRA cap.

Dwyer and Michaels would leave Peoria before the next Fall, and Fulton Plaza would be torn down, in it's place a popular Pizza chain restaurant and car park.  Good riddance, both, cheered the townsfolk.