I know very few people who love cars as much as I do.  The affair started for me as far back as I can remember, using the woven oval rug in our family room for a race track.  I once glued together all the pictures of cars that I drew in one year of elementary school and it ran the whole hallway!  So with Throwback Thursdays this Summer I will celebrate my favorite past time.  Driving.


I learned to drive on this mofo. I am revisiting every car I ever owned. This was not titled in my name, but once you have 20 fast-food containers in any one place, squatters rights apply. Best memories: 1) Entering and exiting from the tailgate since the driver's door handle didn't work, nor the key on the passenger door. 2) Driving home from Triton College one December night, accelerator sticks to the floor on North Ave eastbound. By the time I run the light at Thatcher, I'm doing 100 and pull the key. Finally stopped at 78th. Walked to Johnnies Italian Ice and had a beef sandwich…turns out it the spring on the throttle had busted.