Continuing the car saga. This was car Number 2 for me. Again, not in the ownership category yet, but this car was basically mine for the formative ages 17-21. My high school parking lot was filled with BMW, Mercedes, Alfa-Romeo etc, so my car was considered gauche by those standards. But I loved it. Favorite memories: 1) There was a dunes trip featuring many bad and fun decisions, starting with a trunk full-of-beer, ending with a roadside restaurant. 2) Hitching this thing to a trailer to pull a Homecoming float, and afterwards, not knowing how to dispose of the float properly so just hitting the gas on Chicago Avenue, launching debris like the rooster-tail of a speed boat. By the time I got to the U-Haul location, the trailer was clean, with only a few remnants of tissue and paper-mache dangling from the back. 3) Midnight speeding on Lower Wacker, Lights off Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and The Cure. 4) Front-wheel drive burn-outs.

dwyer/townsquare file photo