Well, it's Randy Meisner's 70th birthday today.  Happy Birthday to Randy, but I really feel for him today because he's mourning the loss of his wife of 20 years.  Lana Meisner was moving a rifle, covered by a soft-cloth case in a closet.  It accidentally discharged, shooting her in the head.  This happened late Sunday or early-Monday.  The tragedy has been confirmed as accidental and Randy has been cleared.  The story adds that they had been fighting earlier and there was a 911-call, but it was a separate incident.

Both Randy and Lana have had mental "issues" in their histories.  Randy was diagnosed as bi-polar a long time ago, but Lana allegedly refused to believe it.  Randy has made suicide threats and murder threats in the past, but none against Lana.  So the two of them together were combustible.  Does that make it any less tragic?  Randy left the Eagles years ago under some duress, but he was a founding member.  I can imagine all the members of the band have to be asking "what next?" today.  Let's hope Randy is in no way part of the answer.

Rolling Stone