At Gallery Furniture in Houston, the deal was simple: buy $6000 worth of furniture and if the Seahawks win...your furniture is free. 1000 customers got on board and now they're getting their stuff for free.
The owner Jim "Mattress Mack" McInvale didn't have one of those promotional insurance policies--it all came out of his pocket.
This is on the heels of losing almost $700,000 in a promotion where customers had to predict which 2 teams would make it to the Super Bowl.

Genius or nit-wit?  We got an email from a listener about this store:

Friend of mine from works says he can afford it. When my friend lived down in Texas he bought furniture from him. He won't call in but he said he has the cash.
My brother sells furniture and he told me there is a 300% mark up.

Even still...this guy has gotta be out millions.   Sure, he's getting a ton of publicity but that's a lot of red ink.  Too bad he doesn't own a casino!