Sarah Wulchak of Florida has racked up a whooping 23 arrests in just 10 years. Starting in 2003 with her first arrest, all the way to 2013 where she was picked up a total of five times. Everything from biting a chunk of her boyfriend's ear off to paraphernalia possession to battery charges.

Any bets on if she'll take her 30th mugshot in 2014 or do you think she's seen the error of her ways?

In January of 2013, posted a story about a Florida woman who was arrested for allegedly biting off a chunk of her boyfriend's ear.

As was doing some digging on that story, we noticed Sarah Wulchak had been arrested on 19 different occasions, including that one, since 2003, just in Volusia County.

And on Friday, when was reviewing her arrest record practically a year to the day later, we noticed Wulchak had a very busy 2013 in the courts once again.

Wulchak was arrested four more times following the alleged ear-biting incident.

In February, she was arrested for allegedly possessing paraphernalia; in June, she was arrested on a battery charge; in September, she was accused of domestic battery and in December, she was hit with another battery charge.

It's important to note that the outcomes of these cases are pending, but also worth mentioning that Wulchak's arrest total now stands at 23. Since 2003. Just in Volusia County.