Have you ever shared something on Facebook and then regretted it? Here are some things you should never share on social media. They should be obvious, but some people still do it.

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  1. Your driver's license or passport. A lot of teenagers do it when they get their license, and it obviously opens you up to identity theft.
  2. Travel plans. Someone could rob your place if they know you're not home.
  3. Anything that shows an account number or your bank account info. Some people actually brag by posting photos of their paycheck. Which is dumb, and also lame.
  4. A winning lottery ticket. A woman in Australia posted a photo after she won $825 at a horse race last year. Then someone else used the barcode to claim her money.
  5. Complaints about your job or your boss. Even if you have your preferences set so they can't see it, they might find out about it from someone else.
  6. Drunk photos of your friends. Post photos where you're drunk if you want, but don't post embarrassing stuff about your friends unless you're sure they're cool with it.
  7. Other people's big news. Like if your friend tells you she's pregnant, don't go on Facebook and announce it for her.

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