Sarah Kessick of Hansford, West Virginia was pulling into her driveway Tuesday when she noticed a man walking away, carrying her chainsaw. She wasn't about to let him get away with it.

She had her four children lock the doors of the vehicle while she confronted the man, 31-year-old Travis Hudnall. Sarah chased Hudnall down, began hitting him, then held pinned him to the ground until police arrived.

"Instinct kicked in, and I was like, 'Guys lock the doors!' I went and chased him. I still had my phone in my hand," Kessick told the local news. "He fell to the ground and he said, 'I got a gun', and it fell between his legs."

That's when she grabbed the chainsaw and started hitting Hudnall with it. It turns out that the gun also belonged to Kessick, the burglar had grab it along with the chainsaw and a tablet.

"Hopefully, he never messes with me again. I knew if I let him go, he would have done it again," she said. Hudnall was charged with burglary.

Kanawha County Sheriff's Office

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