I can hear an exhausted Bill Belichick harrumph with excitement.

I consider myself a bit of an inventor.  When I was little I created the little poofy scrubby things everyone under the age of 60 has in the tub.  I invented that.  I just didn't have the marketing skills or production capability to go forward past the "soap bar wrapped in a washcloth" stage.

But I knew there was a better way to scrub!

I also invented this next product and missed the boat on it too.  I stuck tiny doll pillows (I'm not sure why dolls need pillows, but I digress) and stuck them in the back of my hoodie hood when I would dose off on a Sunday afternoon.

A super comfortable nap and now they've gone and stole my idea.  The good news is, I don't have to bother with manufacturing it.

Here's the Kickstarter Campaign to contribute.