Experts always say we're supposed to have a hobby, so we don't get too stressed out by life. But how many of us actually have one?

A new survey found about 75% of us do have at least one hobby we take part in regularly. 25% couldn't think of any hobbies they pursue. The study also looked at hobbies that used to be popular. Here are the top 10 hobbies that have died out:

  1. Being interested in trains, or building model train sets.
  2. Quilting and embroidery.
  3. Astrology.
  4. Scrapbooking.
  5. Home brewing.
  6. Squash and racquetball.
  7. Fixing up an old car.
  8. Astronomy.
  9. Woodworking.
  10. Toy collecting.

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