It's not exactly breaking news to say that men today aren't as manly as their fathers and grandfathers. But how about some stats to prove it anyway?


A new survey asked guys in their 20s and 60s about different "manly" skills. Here are the ones that are going extinct:

  1. Shining your shoes. Older men are 38% more likely to know how to do that.
  2. Fixing a leaky faucet, 35%.
  3. Changing the oil in your car, 19%.
  4. Changing a diaper, 18%.
  5. Filleting a fish, 15%.
  6. Growing and maintaining a nice beard, 12%.
  7. Throwing or hitting a curveball, 6%.

There are two skills where younger men had an edge. Young guys are 11% more likely to know how to cut their own hair and 2% more likely to be able to make fire without matches. That surprises me. Did anyone tell them lighters don't count?

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