This is a story that we have been following for the past week. Rob Konrad, former Miami Dolphin, fell off of his boat and swam 27 miles to land. Right away we started asking questions and now others are too.

This article at Deadspin takes a thorough look at Konrad's story.

Alone under the sky, impossibly far from anyone who could help him and miles from shore, the former football player swam nine—or was it 27?—miles to save his life. He pictured his two daughters waiting for him back home, and used the sun and stars to guide himself through shark-infested waters to make it back to shore. This is exactly the kind of feel-good story sports reporters love to write and television producers clamor to package, and former Miami Dolphin Rob Konrad provided it this past week, telling an unbelievable story that started with him falling off a boat and ended in the triumph of the human spirit. But lost in all the commotion is one point worth considering: How do we know any of this happened?

Definitely worth your while to read the whole thing.

(Photo by Getty Images)