There's a new bar in New York City called Stay Classy New York, it's based on Will Ferrell's movie characters. The name itself is based on "Anchorman" Ron Burgundy's catchphrase, "You stay classy, San Diego".

The drink list is amazing, and it doesn't even matter if the cocktails are any good.

The names are all quotes from Will's movies. They include:

  • From "Old School" there's: You're My Boy Blue! and We're Going Streaking!
  • From "Step Brothers" there's: Did We Just Become Best Friends? and The [Effing] Catalina Wine Mixer.
  • From "Anchorman" there's: Milk Was a Bad Choice, Great Odin's Raven, A Whale's Vagina and, of course, the Smelly Pirate Hooker.

There's also Will Ferrell artwork on the walls, and the bathrooms are labeled F-Shack 1 and F-Shack 2, a reference to "The Other Guys".

One of the owners says, "Will Ferrell movies are our favorite. We love the man and his work. So it was easy for us to create this landscape of ridiculous things and theme it accordingly."

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