Guests are the worst. It's why I dream about the day when I can finally cut all ties with family and friends. Then I'll be happy.


Here are the worst things guests do, according to a new survey:

  1. Staying indefinitely.
  2. Snooping.
  3. Showing up without any warning.
  4. Bringing an extra guest without running it by you.
  5. Critiquing your home.
  6. Making a mess.
  7. Smoking inside.
  8. Being too loud.
  9. Eating too much of your food.
  10. Not offering to help with chores.

The survey also found the five best things a guest can do are: Keeping their area clean, being clear about when they're arriving and leaving, giving you a gift, asking about the house rules, and sending a thank-you note.

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