Everyone's had that terrifying moment where they realized they needed to do some foul things in a bathroom and it was not the right time or place for that. So today, let's relive that pain.

Milan Vasicek

Mandatory.com ranked the worst places to poop. Their number one pick was "in bed," and I can't really argue with that. Let's focus on the real places on their list.

    Here are the 10 worst places to poop:

  1. Your in-laws' house.
  2. Port-a-potty at a music festival.
  3. Hotel room bathroom when you're on a trip with your significant other.
  4. Gas station.
  5. At school when you were a little kid.
  6. The co-ed communal dorm bathroom.
  7. An airplane.
  8. Anywhere when you were just swimming and have to pull down your wet bathing suit, then pull it back up.
  9. A bar.
  10. The middle stall in the office bathroom.

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