Someone looked at the weirdest things people Google, but not things that only a few people search for. It's stuff that thousands of people Google, every month.

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Here are some of the good ones:

  1. Does passing gas burn calories? The answer is yes, but only because it takes a tiny bit of energy to do it. By that standard, breathing burns calories too.
  2. Why do men have nipples? Because it happens in utero before your male hormones kick in.
  3. Do penguins have knees? Yes, they do.
  4. Is the Tooth Fairy real?
  5. Do pigs sweat? Yes, but not to cool themselves down, they have to roll in the mud for that.
  6. Do men have periods?
  7. Do worms have eyes? No, but their skin cells can detect light.
  8. Why does my boss hate me?
  9. Can a man get pregnant?
  10. Am I a psycho?

The top 20 also include:

  • "When will I die?"
  • "Does my butt look 40?"
  • "Is the world flat?"
  • "Can I marry my cousin?"
  • "What happens if you drink blood?"

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