I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that unironically watch Christmas films from Hallmark, but even they have to admit that those movies can be pretty campy.

Here's a pretty extensive drinking game that you can play if you're ever forced to sit through one. Or if you and your friends want to get super wasted while being filled with the holiday spirit.

  1. Main character is a single parent.
  2. Ugly sweaters.
  3. Annoying ex/fiance/gf/bf.
  4. It starts to snow.
  5. Someone says "Merry Christmas."
  6. Realization with clarinets.*
  7. Singing Christmas carols.
  8. Flagrant tugging of heartstrings.
  9. Someone doubts the existence of Santa Claus.
  10. Hallmark misunderstanding.
  11. Romantic intervention by parents/relative.
  12. Fake background.
  13. A proposal.
  14. Baking Christmas goodies.
  15. Getting snowed in.
  16. Sassy best friend.
  17. Hot cocoa.
  18. Trying on Christmas outfits montage.
  19. Christmas Miracle.
  20. Picking the runt tree on the lot.
  21. Santa!!**
  22. Saying the name of the movie.
  23. Obvious sponsors.
  24. Sleigh bell sounds.
  25. Acknowledge Judaism.
  26. Hat rule.
  27. Sleigh ride.
  28. Hallmark science.***
  29. Corporate America being evil.
  30. Michael Buble.
  31. Fireplace cuddles.

* Basically whenever something quirky happens in the plot and the music reflects it with funny "doodly" phrases from reed instruments.

** When you spot a bearded, minor character that ends up being Santa at the end of the film.

*** Whenever something defies the logic of time and physics because Hallmark!

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