Basically everything is politically incorrect these days. So when we get something that we're allowed to judge, we've got to jump on it. Men's terrible fashion choices definitely qualify.

Dwyer / Townsquare Media

A new survey found the average man loses his fashion sense at 53 with 42% of them are proud of it. The survey also found the top 10 things men over 40 shouldn't wear.

  1. Hoodies
  2. Track pants
  3. Sports jerseys
  4. White socks
  5. Baseball caps
  6. Leather jackets
  7. White sneakers
  8. Band t-shirts
  9. Flip flops
  10. Track jackets

A few honorable mentions that just missed the top 10 are leather pants, "funny" ties, bomber jackets, fanny packs, and Speedos.

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