I'm not proud of much that I've done while drinking.  Maybe I've bowled a 200 game, or stood up to a guy and got lucky.  But most of my drunk moments are bad decisions.  Fuzzy memories are forgiving, and I've managed to put most of my most embarrassing escapades out of my head.  A few, however, carry reminders that keep the memories alive.

The t-shirt below is one of those moments.  Attending the concert of this band was a judgement call that could've gone either way.  After all, they were the opening act of a Bon Jovi tour, and that's one of my favorite groups to see live.  So the opener is really an extra, not really something you'd pay to see alone, but understandable as a 'Go with.'

What is NOT cool is being tipsy enough to get caught up, sucked in, and blinded by the sentimentality of the performance to go and invest $40.00 in a t-shirt.  Bad, alcohol, bad!

I had buyers remorse almost immediately, and in the hours of the drive home, had convinced myself that my son would surely love the shirt, and that's the TRUE reason for my purchase.  Yeah, that's the ticket…in my mind's voice, "here you go son…a shirt from the show."  His reply, "Thanks Dad…I mean Dad OF THE YEAR!"

Nope…he was apparently sober the next day, since even at 9 years old, he knew this shirt would get him beat up at school.  Ugh.  I have to stick it in the back of the closet.  I can't bring myself to throw it away, it was $40.00 after all!  Maybe it will get worn someday, I tell myself.  Well, that was almost 7 years ago, and the only time I've spent with that shirt is the precious swearing I do when I accidentally grab it from the rack in the dark closet, only to have to put it back and get something to rinse off the "suck"…yes, here's my Ramones     t-shirt---this will do nicely.

I don't mind the artist that much, it was just a beer-soaked decision to think I would wear this style of shirt, or one with this band on it (unless I was maybe 15, and a GIRL).

Your honor, I place into evidence exhibit A…or should I say "D".