It's Mark Knopfler's 65th Birthday today .. a highly intellectual musician with awards and honorary doctorates too numerous to mention.  He and his brother David started a band you may have heard of, Dire Straits, back in the 70's...?   David left the band after 2 albums/tours pretty much for the same reason Mark finally pulled the plug (on Dire Straits anyway) which was "too much touring" ...  Mark was never really cut out for the extensive touring demands that their success created, and he grew tired of it.  He still tours today, but at his own slow pace.  And while I might say that "watching" him play was never as fulfilling as "listening" to him play, I do very much wish Dire Straits would have re-formed for a farewell tour or something... I'm not holding my breath though.  So Dire Straits fans and Mark Knopfler fans, today I salute you.