A trip through the line at Chipotle is a chess match between you and the staff, you're trying to get as much food as possible, they're trying to conserve the ingredients so they don't run out of something and slow the line down.

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This could really be life-changing advice. Dylan Grosz is an intern at a website called ApartmentList.com and supposedly a Chipotle master.

He figured out a secret trick to doubling the size of his burritos without paying extra.

  1. Order a bowl to get 15% more than a burrito alone.
  2. Order two tortillas on the side to increase total weight by 25% (you'll have to wrap it yourself).
  3. Order both kinds of rice for 93% more rice.
  4. Order both bean options to get 92% more beans.
  5. Order 1/2 of two meats to get 54% more total meat.
  6. Ask for the free ingredients they rarely ask about to increase size by 15% (fajita veggies and corn salsa).

Doing all the tricks together gets you a giant burrito that weighs almost 32 ounces, an 86% increase.