You should never settle for less than what you deserve, but people still do. There is nothing wrong with being single and being picky about who you date.


Here are five reasons people settle for bad relationships when they shouldn't:

  1. You feel pressured to settle down. Maybe because of your parents, your friends are getting married or you feel like you're running out of time. If you settle, you can end up wasting time with the wrong person.
  2. You decide you don't have it that bad compared to other couples. You probably know at least one couple that fights constantly. Using their relationship to justify yours means your relationship might not be healthy either.
  3. You don't want to be alone. Either because you're worried you'll end up alone, or because there's a stigma about being single too long. The truth is you're better in relationships if you learn how to be happy on your own.
  4. You've invested too much time and energy, and don't want to start over with someone new. There are worse things in life than having to date again.
  5. You don't think you can do any better. It shouldn't matter how good-looking someone is, or how much money they make if they don't make you happy.

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