Regarded by most as the Greatest Voice in Rock, Robert Plant is having a birthday today.  Do I really dare to summarize his life and career in just one blog....?  Well, it would be even more shameful not to try, on this, the date of his 66th birthday.   Following his passion for blues music, Robert jumped around to a lot of bands in the 60's.  He met John Bonham in one of them in '67 and when Jimmy Page approached him about joining his "new" Yardbirds project, Robert's acceptance included bringing John too.  So Led Zeppelin was formed, history began to take shape, and Robert became one of the most influential front-men of all time.  When John Bonham died, Robert was the most committed to ending Led Zeppelin, his friendship with John weighing heavily.  But instead of fading away, Robert went on to do 10 solo albums through the 80's... 5 good, 5 not so much ... and there were various projects over the next 20 or more years, including some work with Jimmy Page.  But today ... he's performing again with his new band "The Sensational Space Shifters".  They have started a tour this year and will be hitting Chicago in October.

About 6 or 7 years ago Robert declined a 200-Million-Dollar offer for a Led Zeppelin tour with Jason Bonham as the drummer.  Turned Down 200 Million??  Then in 2013 he hinted he "might be" interested ... but in 2014 he said "he won't"  ...  and it's looking more and more like that's the way it's gonna stay.  Maybe it's best.  But on this day, Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant fans ... I certainly must salute you!