There's no bigger turn off in dating than going to someone's place for the first time, and the bathroom is just nasty.

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Hugo Oliver, a luxury bathroom company, listed off these ten grossest things that single people find when they go to a new date's bathroom for the first time:

  1. A bad smell. Like you either just used the bathroom, or it's been so long since you cleaned the toilet, it ALWAYS smells.
  2. General filth. Meaning it LOOKS like you never clean it.
  3. No toilet paper. If you're a grown up, you should always have an extra roll in there.
  4. Dirty towels. Especially if they're the only ones to dry your hands, and they smell like mildew.
  5. No soap. Again, you're a grown-up . . . make it happen.
  6. Hair in the sink. Like you didn't bother to clean up after you shaved. Hair in the tub isn't much better.
  7. Dirty clothes on the floor. At least throw them on the BEDROOM floor.
  8. No lock on the door. It's just kind of unnerving.
  9. An old, overused toothbrush. If the bristles are frayed, it's time for a new one.
  10. Condoms left in plain view.  It could hurt your game to be that presumptuous.  You want to leave a little mystery in things.

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