Not every type of alcohol is right in every situation. Like, it would be weird to sip a glass of fine wine at a baseball game. Or do a round of tequila shots when you're unwinding at home after work. Or is it?


A new survey found the most common type of alcohol we drink at different events, and for different occasions. Here are the results:

  1. At a bar – liquor.
  2. Picnic or cookout – beer.
  3. Fancy restaurant – wine.
  4. Watching sports – beer.
  5. Work event – wine.
  6. Concert – beer.
  7. Brunch – wine.
  8. On a plane – liquor.
  9. At home – Too close to call. 57% for liquor, 56% for beer, and 52% for wine.
    There's some overlap there, since that adds up to 165%, so some people clearly change it up sometimes.

Read more at The Harris Poll.