Now THIS is science!  A researcher at Cornell wanted to know "What's the most painful place to get stung by a bee?".  Micheal Smith is the scientist (and bee enthusiast) who let himself get stung five times a day for several weeks.  Yep...he even made the bees sting his "downtown".  He tested just about every painful spot you can think of . . . other than his eyes, but only because another researcher talked him out of it.  According to his research, getting stung in the junk is NOT the most painful spot.  Behold, here are the ten most painful places to get stung:

10.  Your stomach.  On a pain scale of 1 to 10, he gave it a 6.7.
9.  The tip of your finger.  Also a 6.7 out of 10.
8.  Your nipple.  Also a 6.7.
7.  Your armpit.  Again, 6.7 out of 10.
6.  Your cheek.  7 out of 10
5.  Your palm.  7 out of 10.
4.  Your SCROTUM.  7 out of 10.
3.  Your PENIS.  7.3 out of 10.
2.  The upper lip.  8.7 out of 10.
1.  Your nostril.  9 out of 10.

Isn't this a bit like doing that old "Deeps Woods Off" experiment from the TV commercial? Only taking it WAY too far!  Here's the full story.