Located in a remote section of Rubio Woods Forest Preserve in Chicago, Illinois, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is home to an incredible amount of creepy, unexplained phenomena, including one of the world’s most famous ghost photographs.

(Bachelor's Grove Cemetery)

The cemetery was built 200 years ago and for many years was undisturbed. As time past it became increasingly abandoned and was a target for vandalism.

This cemetery has reported all forms of paranormal activity- from strange, inexplicable lights, to floating apparitions and ghost-like ectoplasm.

This is one of the most popular ghost photos ever taken. It was shot in 1991 by Judy Huff on infrared film. Judy says that she was taking a picture of something else and that nobody was sitting there. The "Madonna" was only discovered after the film was developed.

(Judy Huff / Supernatural Occurrence Studies)

Judy had this photo authenticated and analyzed. It was determined that the film had not been tampered with in anyway and the photo was not doctored.

(Judy Huff)

But the most unnerving repeated sighting is that of a “phantom farm house”. What makes these reports so credible is that they come from people who had no idea that the house doesn’t actually exist. Every person who has seen the house describes it as an old, two-story farm house that is white washed- with a large front porch, a porch swing, and a light that burns eerily in the front window. As people approach the old house, it is reported that it seems to shrink until it finally just fades away. Legend says that if a person does manage to enter the house, they will never return.

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